“For years I have been stuck between the knowledge that yoga would be a wonderful practice and a way to improve my health, yet feeling too intimated and self-conscious about my body to actually pursue it. I’ve even bought books, videos and found things online but could still never get myself to actually TRY it, and In truth that would probably still be the case if it weren’t for Lynn and Winding Roots Yoga.
I have known Lynn for years and witnessed the transformation yoga has brought to her life, and I also have seen the growing passion and commitment she has for teaching others – so, when she offered her class “Yoga for People Who Don’t Do Yoga,” I figured I would try – I didn’t think it would stick based on my past experience with every other “exercise” class I’ve jumped into, but if ever there was a chance to see if maybe I’d like it, this would be a safe way to do it.
Much to my surprise, I have loved it from the word go. Lynn has always gone above and beyond to explain things – while I know she has extensive training and is far more advanced than we are, she makes the concepts and movements easy to grasp and execute safely. She offers a variety of props to meet me where my personal needs are – so much so that her accommodations allowed me to continue going to classes for two months while recovering from a broken wrist (because I didn’t want to miss out!) I have seen noticeable improvement in my balance, flexibility, and strength. More importantly, her holistic emphasis on our emotional, mental, and spiritual health has been especially rewarding and brought far greater benefits to my overall health and well-being.
I have been challenged but never felt pushed to go beyond where I was comfortable – in fact, she is mindful of my tendency to overdo things and helps me keep that in check so I don’t injure myself. And she manages to convey that individual attention toward me while also using that same personalized approach for everyone in the class. Lynn truly has the heart and gifting of a teacher who wants her students to succeed!
I am so grateful to Lynn and Winding Roots for offering this opportunity – thanks to her, I am now actually someone who DOES ‘do yoga’ – and I look forward to her class every week!” 
– Tracey

“Lynn is an incredible instructor: patient, thorough, and will explain all options at all levels. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking her class and will miss her!”  – Sue

“When I first began doing yoga in a studio, I was nervous because I had only done yoga at home by myself, but Lynn was one of the few people in my class to strike up a conversation with me and made me feel welcome before I even took one of her classes. Once she got certified, Lynn became one of my most favorite hot yoga teachers. She truly cares about continuing her yoga knowledge by taking different courses and she’s always bringing new poses and breathing techniques to her classes. I also love how Lynn is always challenging us to try new poses we didn’t know was possible. My favorite part about Lynn’s classes is her outgoing personality in and out of the studio. I’ll truly miss her and her yoga classes!”  – Ariane

“Lynn has been teaching the Flowery Branch community for a few months and her yoga instruction has help with my pain and helped me to relax. She is a wonderful bright spirit and her classes will be missed dearly as she moves to Alabama. You are getting a wonderful instructor! Thank you Lynn!”  – Renee

“I had the pleasure of attending yoga classes at Winding Roots Yoga with the incredibly talented business owner and instructor, Lynn. Her passion for helping her students improve their physical and mental well-being shone through from the very first class. Not only is she a skilled instructor, but also a patient and attentive teacher who takes the time to understand the unique needs of each of her students.
The studio itself is a warm and welcoming environment, a true reflection of the care and attention put into every aspect of the experience. Whether it is the carefully curated selection of props, the intimate space, or the calming music that added to the ambience, everything felt thoughtfully considered.
The classes are challenging, yet always achievable. Lynn provided modifications and variations to suit all levels of ability, ensuring that every individual felt supported and empowered.
What really set Lynn’s yoga classes apart, however, was the sense of community that she created. She fosters a welcoming and inclusive space where all individuals are encouraged to support one another and celebrate our individual achievements.
Overall, I cannot recommend Lynn and Winding Roots Yoga enough. Her dedication to her craft, her care for her students, and her commitment to creating a positive and uplifting environment truly make her stand out. I look forward to attending many more of her classes in the future.”  – Debra

“Lynn is a wonderful yoga instructor! She is so encouraging and positive throughout the entire session. She shows different ways that certain poses can be executed according to each person’s fitness and comfort level, allowing everyone to go at their own pace. Her instruction style is great for beginners to masters and everyone in between. Highly recommend!!!”  – Jordan

“Had the lovely experience of weekly yoga with the warm and engaging Lynn. Every week, Lynn would teach yoga to the community in the midsummer heat. Her ability to teach all levels at once and connect with each person was a truly unique experience. Alabama has gained a wonderful human and excellent yoga teacher.” – Robyn

“Lynn is a fantastic yoga instructor and person! She explains yoga poses and the benefits the movement brings to one’s body. She is calm, soothing and brings just the right amount of humor when leading her classes. All of this while encouraging one to challenge themselves to their personal level of comfort throughout their practice. She will be greatly missed in Georgia!”  –Nancy

“A great yoga teacher! Been going to Tuesday yoga for five weeks now and its been awesome. I was not a yoga person, but she has really opened my eyes to yoga and I am sad to see her going 🙁 but know it will be a great move for her and her family. 🙂 I highly recommend her! Namaste”  – Jebediah

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